Here is what Aiden can do for you.


Never miss a thing! Aiden detects anomalies and tracks performance against your goals.

Anomaly detection

Act fast when a suspicious change occurs

Goal tracking

Get alerted if you’re not on track to reach your goals and take action quickly

Focus on what really matters. Rely on Aiden’s proactive insights.

Opportunity & waste detection

Aiden identifies overperforming and underperforming campaigns for you.

Smart insights

Discover unexpected patterns and statistics in your data.

Make informed decisions based on Aiden’s performance forecasts.

Spend projections

Forecast how much you’re likely to spend

Scenario analysis

Determine future performance of any budget allocation scenario (coming soon)

Connect into your existing workflow.

Use your existing interfaces and messaging tools. No need to install something new or read a lengthy instruction manual.

Get more done on Facebook.

Aiden can start helping you today with your Facebook campaigns.
More marketing platforms will be added soon.

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