Hi, I’m Aiden

I’m the first AI-powered coworker for marketers. Ask me about your Facebook data in plain English, and I’ll do my best to help you. I can explore your data, generate reports and insights, and keep an eye on your accounts 24/7, so you don’t have to! You’re in safe hands.

How to get started

Just say hi! I’ll connect to your Facebook account and will start behaving like an analyst for you.
You can ask me about your metrics (CPM, installs, purchases, ROAS,...), dimensions (countries, devices, gender,...), at every account level (account, campaign, ad set and ads), over any time frame!
I can also set up alerts for you, calculate your projected spend, create reports. Think of me as a side kick for all of your data analysis needs.
One more thing, please ask me one question at a time - I'm still learning!

Try asking…

Basic questions

  • How many clicks did I get yesterday?
  • How much did I spend last month?
  • What was my ROAS over the last 6 weeks?


  • What was my CPC per day in the past 4 weeks?
  • How is my CPI going since Nov 1?
  • How many conversions did I get WoW since January?


  • Compare spend and ROAS last week
  • Show me a chart of my installs vs CPI last month
  • Trend of purchases vs revenue in 2017


  • How much did I spend per country in September?
  • How did my CPM evolve per device since last month?
  • Split of installs by device?


  • Which country perform best last month?
  • Which campaign has the highest CPC?
  • Rank my worst performing ad sets


  • Change account
  • Choose campaign / ad set / ad
  • Go back to account level

Error / Help

  • Cancel / Nevermind
  • Start Tutorial
  • Help


  • Ping me when my spend goes above $2000
  • Alert me when my CTR is higher than 2%

Need more help?

Please contact our Product team at team@aiden.ai, and we will get back to you as fast as we can.