How to get started

Just say hi! I’ll connect to your Facebook account and will start working as your marketing analyst.
One more thing, please ask me one question at a time - I'm still learning!

Slack commands

/aiden-predict - Make informed decisions based on Aiden’s performance forecasts
/aiden-chart - Visualise your data directly in Slack
/aiden-help - Review Aiden's key features


Query any Facebook metric, try:
Spend, Reach, Impressions, CPM, Clicks, CPC, CTR, Installs, CPI, Website Purchases, Revenue,...
Example: /aiden-chart spend

Time Frames

Choose any time period you’d like to look at:
Today, Yesterday, Last week, Last 7 days, Last 4 weeks, This month, Last month, This Year,...
Example: /aiden-chart spend last month


Segment your data by dimension, for instance by:
Age group, Country, Device, Gender, Platform, Campaigns, Adsets, Ads
Example: /aiden-chart spend last month by device


By default, Aiden looks at all your accounts. To look at a specific account, campaign, adset or ad, try:
Choose account - Select an account to deep-dive into it
Spend for [Campaign name] - Check directly a data point for a specific asset
You can also use labels, which are all the parameters included in your campaigns names.


Aiden can look at your Facebook Ads campaigns and you can talk to him in Slack.
More platforms to come!

Need more help?

Please contact our Product team at, and we will get back to you as fast as we can.