Aiden is an AI powered virtual colleague for marketers.

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There’s nothing to learn. Aiden speaks plain English and it does not require any setup.
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Slack? Skype?
Messenger? SMS? Aiden speaks all of them. 24/7.
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Aiden will ping you if something worth your attention happens - no need to monitor your data anymore.
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It will help you spend your marketing budget efficiently.

By the way, Aiden knows its AI.

It is built by digital marketing experts who have optimised million $ online campaigns for the likes of Ubisoft, Amazon and Facebook and vets who have known Siri since she was a kid.

Marie Outtier

Co Founder & CEO

Business development and marketing expert. 8 years international sales and digital advertising performance management at venture backed-startups and Top 5 global media agencies.
Previously founded WiseMobile, mobile app marketing consultancy

PJ Camillieri

Co Founder & CTO

Serial tech entrepreneur with product and engineering background. 10 years product marketing at Apple, Siri, iPod, iPad. Previously founded Timista, VC Flair, Games of angels and Forereads. Featured in Product Hunt, Techcrunch, Apple’s best new apps.

Akram Hussein

Software Engineer

Full stack software engineer. 5+ years experience from firmware to cloud services. Early member on Dyson 360 Eye Robotic vacuum cleaner. Shipped over a dozen mobile apps with 2 featured on BBC TV show.

Romain Vuillemot

Academic Advisor

Data Visualisation Academic. Created the The Observatory of Economic Complexity at Harvard University. Domain expert in the design and deployment of Information Visualization (Infovis) and Human/Computer Interaction (HCI) techniques.

Guillaume Bouchard

Academic Advisor

Machine Learning and NLP Academic. Researcher in the UCL Machine Learning Group. 60+ scientific publications in AI. 10+ years Xerox Research Center.

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