The first AI powered coworker for marketers.

aiden play video is on a mission to build
the future of work.

Aiden is the world's first AI-powered analyst for marketers. He saves them time and helps make better decisions. We have combined AI and a marketing expert-system, to build an "expert AI". We are combining natural language processing techniques and machine learning solutions to power your new coworker.


Tell him what you want to know, and Aiden will understand what you mean.


Let Aiden keep an eye on your data 24/7 and prevent costly anomalies like overspend or saturation.

Not just Q&A

Aiden can generate charts, PDF reports, Excel documents and much more.


Receive insights and detailed reports on your performance from large volumes of complex data.


Plug Aiden into your Facebook ads account, and soon — all your marketing channels.

Talk to Aiden through your day-to-day conversational tools such as Slack, Skype, emails and texts.

Ready to try